The making of ACAI BROTHERS Superfood Bar

It's said that all amazing ideas start from a seedling and grow as your water them passion, commitment and hard work.

Well this story starts out with a berry - a purple, glorious, amazonian grown berry and two best frinds named Ben and Sam

So let's set the scene .....


Deep in the amazonoan forest, two adventurers from Australia found themselves on a trek of self discovery, realisation and enlightenment.

On the search for an ancient lost superfood, the two men's story echoed through the lands, quickly becoming legend among the tribes of the amazon.

Dubbed by the locals as the ACAI Brothers of the Amazon, a young, beardless Ben Day and Baby-faced but sun-kissed Sam Carson, were deternmined to do what many thought impossible .....

Bring the best darn tasting Acai Bowls to Australia!!

Many Years have passed since this faithful journey began and it's safe to say that these two young adventurers from the town of Redlands, Australia have succeeded.

The story of the Acai Brothers now lives in the hearts and taste-buds of thousands of Australians

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