Welcome to
Acai Brothers
SUPERfood bar serving deliciously tasty
Smoothies, cold pressed, juices, acai bowls, raw treats
and a healthy dose of cheeky humour.
e: info@acaibrothers.com.au

About Acai Brothers

Sam and Ben are two long-time friends who share a love for health and fitness. The Redlands locals toyed around with the idea of starting their own health food joint for months before deciding to bite the bullet and jump into the hospitality game headfirst with Acai Brothers Superfood Bar. With unequalled passion for healthy living, Sam and Ben consulted extensively with a raw food chef to create their menu of healthy bowls, juices, smoothies and raw organic treats. Sam and Ben use Acai Brothers to further promote healthy living, and have even started a Youtube channel for the cafe to expand awareness of their brand but also their ethics and ideas with a healthy dose of cheeky humour.

Superfood Bar

Serving deliciously tasty Smoothies, Cold Pressed Juices, Acai Bowls and Raw Treats.